Oh, no :-(

Yesterday I tried to order Leo's photo book online. I followed the instructions and what happened? Nothing! On my screen I found an error message telling me there are no pages (!) in the photo book... I called the company and asked what was wrong and they couldn’t tell since they never seen that error message before! Just my luck :-( Anyway they e-mailed me some instructions on how to send the file to them and they will take a look and try to solve the problem. Please keep your fingers crossed that they can!

One of my favourite layouts from this summer, Leo playing in a tent at my parents summerhouse. The kit used for this layout is called "Buggalicious" by Digi Delights

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  1. Nä vad trist att det inte funkade, sånt kan vara såå himla irriterande! Hoppas det löser sig snart!

    Härlig layout!!